Are there tax deductions when selling a home? You bet—and they can amount to sizable savings when you file with the IRS. So whether you're selling your home soon or sold it last year, you'll want to know all the tax deductions (not to mention tax exemptions or other write-offs) at your disposal.

Here's a rundown of everything you need to know, plus a preview of what's in store once the new tax code takes effect next year.

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Want to know how to remove paint from carpet, wood floors, or anything else it's landed on during your last renovation job? Never fear—painting can be hellishly messy, but there are plenty of ways to clean up any accidents.

The amount of work you'll need to do depends on a few things, including the kind of paint you used and whether it's still wet or dry. Here's what to do in each scenario.

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You don't always have great "comps", but your agent who shows up and helps the appraiser see the picture that needs to be seen, you can make it happen.


In addition to our normal meeting on February 20th, the Rolando Community Council is hosting a blood drive from 1 PM – 7 PM. The bloodmobile we be at the United Domestic Workers building where our normal meetings are, swing by and save a life! Blood donor requirements HERE. The RCC meeting is from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.


Home repairs are part and parcel of home ownership, but when it comes time to sell, does a homedisclosurehave to include those repairs? It can be a conundrum. Buyers want (and deserve to have) a full picture of the house they're buying and the condition it is in. However, disclosing a previous home repair may actually turn off a potential buyer. A foundation that's had repairs for leaks several times over in recent years, for example, may signal to the buyer that they could have a major water problem on their hands. Both legal and ethical considerations come into play when you're debating whether or not to 'fess up to a previous repair. So let's dig in!

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